Thursday marked the third consecutive day that the NHL and NHLPA held meetings in hopes of hammering out a new CBA.

Both sides will meet yet again tomorrow and while it could take several days to complete a deal, a league source said “at least they’re into a meaningful negotiations for once in this process”.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said “We’ve met with the Players’ Association for the last three days and we are planning on meeting again (tomorrow).”

Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman both stayed quiet on the contents of the meetings, some feel that both sides talking publicly only hurts negotiation and keeping quite is the best way to a deal. Bettman said “I am not going to discuss the negotiations or the substance of what we’re talking about. I really don’t think that would be helpful to the process.” The general soncsciuos seems to be that talks are improving

When Fehr was asked what they talked about today Fehr said “all I can say is we discussed a wide range of topics relating to issues between us and I really can’t say more than that at this point.”

The NHL lockout is in its 54th day and all games in November have been canceled making December 1st a possible starting point. The Flyers are scheduled to play the Panthers in Florida on December 1st.