The Philadelphia Flyers and Nashville Predators have a long history of wheeling and dealing, swapping players, draft picks, and future considerations a total of 17 times. Conversely the two teams have only met each other 16 times in the regular season with the Flyers winning 7 of those contests. In light of the Shea Weber offer sheet (and possible “side” trade), we put together a detailed list of all the trades the two teams have made spanning from 1998 to the most recent in deal 2010.

1. June 27, 1998

Flyers get Nashville’s 1998 7th Rounder (Cam Ondrik)

Predators get Dominic Roussel & Jeff Staples

2. January 26, 1999

Flyers get future considerations

Predators get Sergei Klimentiev

3. September 27, 1999

Flyers get Matt Henderson

Predators get Paul Healey

4. November 16, 1999

Flyers get Steve Washburn

Predators get 2001 conditional pick

5. February 14, 2000

Flyers get future considerations

Predators get Eric Bertrand

6. September 29, 2000

Flyers get Detroit’s 2001 3rd rounder (Patrick Sharp)

Predators get Mark Eaton

7. May 24, 2001

Flyers get Mike Watt

Predators get Mikhail Chernov

8. June 24, 2001

Flyers get 2001 4th Rounder, 2001 5th Rounder(Jussi Timonen) & 2001 7th Rounder (Thierry Douville)

Predators get 2001 4th Rounder(Jordin Tootoo)

9. July 31, 2001

Flyers get 2002 3rd Rounder (transferred to Phoenix – Joe Callahan)

Predators get Andy Delmore

10. January 11, 2002

Flyers get Yves Sarault + conditional 2003 pick (condition not met)

Predators get Jason Beckett + Petr Hubacek

11. August 2, 2005

Flyers get 2006 3rd Rounder

Predators get Danny Markov

12. February 15, 2007

Flyers get Ryan Parent,Scottie Upshall,2007 1st Rounder & 2007 3rd Rounder

Predators get Peter Forsberg

13. June 4, 2007

Flyers get future considerations

Predators get Matt Ellison

14. June 18, 2007

Flyers get Kimmo Timonen & Scott Hartnell

Predators get Nashville’s 2007 1st Rounder (Orginally part of the Forsberg trade)

15. June 24, 2008

Flyers get Janne Niskala

Predators get Triston Grant and 2009 7th rounder

16. October 30, 2008

Flyers get Josh Gratton

Predators get Tim Ramholt

17. June 19, 2010

Flyers get Dan Hamhuis and 2011 conditional draft pick

Predators get Ryan Parent


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