During work stops, for example, this year's current NHL lockout, there are several options for players. Young players and prospects, depending on their contracts can play in the minor leagues.  Other players that aren't eligible to play in the minors, play overseas.  Does anyone ever ask what the head coach does during a lockout?

Sam Charchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a piece today about head coach Peter Laviolette.  Laviolette has "enjoyed" the lockout, but is ready for it to end.  Last night would have been the beginning of the Flyers 2012-13 season.  Peter has spent the lockout with his three children and his wife, but now is back on the bench.  

Laviolette, as reported by Sam Charchidi, is the assistant coach of his 14 year old son's team. Peter plans on attending some Phantoms game, as well as some Trenton Titans games to watch the prospect. Let's hope this lockout ends soon, otherwise the Flyers locker room speeches are going to be rated PG-13.