In a recent interview with ESPN, former Flyer John LeClair had some very positive things to say about this Flyers team, and the direction they are headed. With Ron Hextall as the Flyers new General Manger, this offseason brought him limited resources and was one heck of a challenge for the new GM. LeClair, one of the members of the dynamic “Legion of Doom”, had the chance to play with Ron Hextall, and spoke about the organization’s new direction.

“I think he’ll do a great job. He was a great teammate. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s a smart guy who knows what he’s doing.”

LeClair also spoke to ESPN about how the game has changed, and some moves that Hextall was able to make, including the trade of Scott Hartnell, and the Michael Del Zotto signing.

One thing that stood out from this interview and something  that can give fans a sense of direction for this organization was his thoughts on the playoffs.

“I think they’ll be a playoff team. There’s a big difference between getting a playoff spot and being a contender for the Cup and I still think they’re a little bit away from that, but I think they’re moving in the right direction.”

Read the full article from ESPN here.

The Philadelphia Flyers organization will honor the three time 50-goal scorer John LeClair,as well as Eric Lindros on November 2oth versus the Minnesota Wild.

The Flyers have reportedly shoveled the Ice Girls away. (See what I did there?) According to various reports (credit to Flyers Nation for breaking the news), the Flyers will no longer be using Ice Girls.

It is still unsure why, but it seems like the Flyers aer headed in a different direction.

The Flyers will reportedly introduce an alternate jersey this upcoming season. We are not sure when, where, what color, or any other question you may have but it sure is fun to speculate.

In a recent article from the Courier-Post’s Dave Isaac, the team could be hinting toward a similar jersey to their 2012 Winter Classic jerseys. Members of the team hit the ice this past week wearing similar equipment to those jerseys.

From the article:

Among them was Zac Rinaldo, wearing black pants with an orange stripe down the side and many players donned black helmets, which had cream-colored numbers and an orange outline. Usually, the Flyers wear solid black pants and the black helmets have solid white numbers on them.

In the locker room, the striped pants hung in most players’ stalls with the cream-numbered helmets above. In all likelihood, this is part of the Flyers’ new alternate kits this season. The team will debut, at some point, a third jersey. It sounds like it’s not coming soon and two players said they haven’t seen the new threads yet.

Does it mean anything? Who knows, but what else are we talking about?