The Adirondack Phantoms training camp is scheduled to open September 29th, which is right around the corner, at the Skate Zone in Voorhees.  This maybe the only hockey to come through Philadelphia as the NHL lockout seems to have hit a serious stand still.

A little less than a week ago the Philadelphia Flyers assigned 26 players to the Phantoms roster, these players include:

Cal Heeter (G),
Niko Hovinen (G),
Cullen Eddy (D),
Erik Gustafsson, (D)
Tyler Hostetter (D),
Blake Kessel (D),
Matthew Konan (D), 
Oliver Lauridsen (D),
Brandon Manning (D),
Danny Syvret (D),
Jason Akeson (F),
Tyler Brown (F),
Sean Couturier (F),
Matt Ford (F),
Shane Harper (F),
Ben Holmstrom (F),
Andrew Johnston (F), Matt Mangene (F),
Tye McGinn (F),
Marcel Noebels (F),
Luke Pither (F),
Zac Rinaldo (F),
Brayden Schenn (F),
Mike Testwuide (F),
Eric Wellwood (F), and
Harry Zolnierczyk (F)

Some of these players were going to be assigned to the Phantoms regardless if there was an NHL season or not, but now you throw in names like Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier who will be on the Phantoms roster come their season opener.

Question that arises, is this a good or bad thing?  On the last edition of our weekly podcast we had Owner and Editor of The Hockey Guys, Dustin Leed, come on and talk a little bit about the upcoming lockout and what it means for some of the Phantoms players.

While majority of us fans are stuck in a feud between whose side to be on, players or owners, Dustin brought up a very valid point on how this affects AHL players.  The general consensus of his point was; now that you have players like Couturier, Schenn, Wellwood, and Gustafsson, who were all very likely to earn a spot on the NHL club this year, going down to play in the AHL, is this going to hinder the development of other Flyers prospects that were on a “slower development path”?  Dustin made mention of forwards like Tyler Brown, Jason Akeson, and newcomer Andrew Johnston, who all were going to be looked upon to contribute and develop this year on the Phantoms.  However, now with forwards like Schenn, Couturier and Wellwood being on the AHL roster, how much playing time will they ( Brown, Akeson, Johnston and others) actually receive?  Same can be said for some of defensemen like Olvier Lauridsen and Blake Kessel, now having to compete with Erik Gustafsson and Brandon Manning on a more frequent basis.  Another argument is, are Schenn and Couturier at the point where if they are playing in the AHL and not the NHL, are they still going to develop?  On the other end of the puck, you could make the point that Schenn and Couturier are still getting playing time to develop instead of being locked out and sitting around waiting for a deal to happen.


All food for thought here.  What do you guys think?



 This update came last night, but I felt it was worth sharing to our readers if you have not already seen it.  Alan Walsh, a player agent, said late last night:



Take it for what it is, but if that is the truth then we may in fact be in for a long, long lockout.



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