As many of you know The Orange Update’s last podcast featured Anaheim Ducks superstar winger Bobby Ryan. If you did not know, well now you do. You can listen to the podcast again and again here.

We, at The Orange Update, are very appreciative of Bobby agreeing to come on and let us pick his brain a bit. He was on for roughly 50 minuets where we talked about numerous topics ranging from what players do during the offseason, previous goals he scored, what it was like growing up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and much more! However those of you looking for an “inside scoop” on trade rumors will not find it here. We were very conscious in not asking any questions about trade rumors involving a trade to Philadelphia, out of respect to him. As @215cash said though, “all us fans do is look into things too much”.

Again we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Bobby and we certainly wish him a long and successful career no matter where he plays. As always keep in touch with us on twitter: @TheOrangeUpdate @EbbonDerr @feelgoodfrank @215Cash for Flyers talk and updates as well as future podcast shows!