This post is intended for anyone who missed out on our Tuesday Night Podcast.  In this post I will recap what was said about the GM Connected league.

How To Join The League.

- When you load up your game, there will be a “GM Connected” tab on the home screen.  Select the GM Connected tab, then search leagues and type in the league name : The Orange Update.  Once you do that you will be prompted to select a team for the league (The teams you were assigned to are listed below). This will send a join request for me to approve.  Now we ask please that you select the proper team to help make the process go smoothly.  I do have the option to decline the join request, so you will not be able to sneak in as another team.  Do not forget there is also an app available to help you run your team while your away from your Xbox.

Rules and Regulations

- All rules and regulations are pretty standard in regards to rules for the actual games to be played (i.e. icing, injuries, offsides etc.)  We have decided to play 10 minute periods, instead of the default 5; we felt 5 minute periods just go too fast.  There are in fact RANDOM rosters.  This is to try and create a fair starting point for everyone in the league.  For example I drew the San Jose Sharks and on this team I do not have any of Couture, Pavelski, Thorton etc. I have the likes of Kessel, Parise and others.  This next part is very important.  Once you join the league do not make any transactions (i.e trades, free agency pickups etc). We want to make sure that everyone is in the league, has time to get their feet set and able to look at their team and think about their team needs and wants. League transactions will be able to start by Thursday night at 10:00 pm est.  We will look to start off the season Friday night with games being played.

If you want to talk to other GM’s and get a trade set in principle, by all means feel free to do so.  Just note that it will not be able to officially go through until Thursday at 10 pm.  Also on the topic of trades, Myself along with The Orange Update crew will serve as a “League Office” so to speak.  When a trade is purposed, I will take that trade to them and we will decide collectively if the trade should be allowed.  This will help people from 1. getting ripped off if they do not know the game or players well enough and 2. If you have a buddy and he decides to dump his start players to you for nothing.


- Cash made mention of this on our show Tuesday night.  Although we are still talking and bouncing ideas around on to what the exact prizes will be, prizes will be up for the taking.  This prizes will include but are also not limited to: BuzzWear Shirts, Custom Made T-Shirts, Autographed items etc.  Once we finalize what prizes will be available and for what they will be given for, we will update with a post.


I hope to see you all joined by Thursday night so you can start on transactions.  Again below is the list of people in the league along with their Twitter handle and Xbox Live gamer-tag. If there are any questions feel free to contact any one of us (@EbbonDerr, @feelgoodfrank, @215Cash, @BuzzOnBroad, @robgiannone, @TheOrangeUpdate), and we will try to get it sorted out.

Good luck everyone!













The Orange Update GM Connected
Name   Twitter Handel   GamerTag Assigned Team
Ebbon Derr (at) Ebbon Derr Durr07 San Jose Sharks
Jimmy Robbins (at) Sabresabres Sabresabres Buffalo Sabres
Sean Flynn (at) seanflynn9 ShadowSmurfs09 Minnesota Wild
John Reuter (at) chiefs12playa chiefs12playa Columbus Blue Jackets
Tom Heaney (at) tomheaney1 PLEASEdntBANme Vancouver Canucks
Sean Betesh (at) 215cash l 215cash l Carolina Hurricanes
Adamn Pfeifer (at) aPeiferRS Be Cool Okay Colorado Avalanche
Danny Ricciardi (at) BuzzOnBroad FlyersFanOne New York Rangers
AJ Milone (at) Milone18 PhilliesFan18 Boston Bruins
Rob Giannone (at) robgiannone Giggs2525 Detroit Red Wings
Andrew Dintino (at) AndrewD48 MrPriicklePants Toronto Maple Leafs
Edd Wright (at) EddFright BOBOCOP3 Nashville Predators
Marc Stonehhill (at) 13Eternal Eternal 03 Chicago Blackhawks
David Foellner (at) Estcst88 Darth Giggity 1 Anaheim Ducks
Clayton Taylor (at) TheFirstShift Philthy Otter Florida Panthers
Chris Johnson (at) JohnsonC89 CHRIS ochonueve Pittsburgh Penguins
Alex Blank (at) TheReal_Ablank Mr Bo Dangles28 Tampa Bay Lightning
Stephen Rossi (at) PhillySteve15 RossiBossy Phoenix Coyotes
Nick Gruninger (at) nick_g1321 flyers4life13 Edmonton Oilers
Michael Marinelli (at) marinelliflyers marinelli89 Dallas Stars
Cam Moyer (at) cam_stand hockeycam1344 Montreal Canadiens
Justin Fortuna (at) jfortuna_18 iceking83 Philadelphia Flyers
Daniel Blanchard (at) Daniel11496 Error11496 New York Islanders
James Cockerill (at) jockerill Ritztotherubble Calgary Flames
Andrew Panaccio (at) nachofunbus83 nachoman 83 St. Louis Blues
AJ Berardi Berardi1024 Washington Capitals
Christian Payne (at) CPayne1700 evil1700 Ottawa Senators
Jeff Moran (at) JeffMoran27 jmoran Los Angeles Kings
Chris Brandt (at) hiphopopotamus1 PapaBurgundy35 New Jersey Devils
Jeromy Bish (at) jables15 MeatTornado8 Winnipeg Jets