It’s a very special Wednesday for our Philadelphia Flyers, everyone in Philly and even South Jersey come together and say these two magical words together…”Penguins Suck!” It’s the Battle of Pennsylvania, and on this weeks edition of Timeout with Lavy we will discuss the 5 reasons we hate the Pittsburgh Penguins! So lets get started…


#1 – Sidney Crosby : Diver, whiner, crybaby, cheap shot  cocky, coward. Those are just some of the words Philadelphia fans can use to describe arguably the most hated man in the game right now. Yes if you’re a hockey fan you must admit he kid has some talent, but come the time the Flyers and Pens duke it out, its no mercy.

#2 – Evgeni Malkin : As Scott Hartnell described him, “Ugliest player in the league” Evgeni “Geno” Malkin has been a thorn in the Flyers back for a few years now, scoring killer goals and having a few dirty plays against the Flyers. But he can score as many goals as he wants, he still looks like Shrek.

# 3 – James Neal : Last playoffs this guy left his mark in the Flyers/Pens first round playoff match up  with his dirty hits on Sean Couturier and Claude Giroux starting an absolute brawl and causing him to sit out Game 4. Flyers are still waiting for “The Real Deal” to get his for what he did.

#4 – Matt Cooke : One of the dirtiest players in the NHL, its been said he “cleaned up his act” but that doesn’t seem to be showing considering he’s been in the headlines the past few weeks for his hit that injured Ottawa Senators defense-men Erik Karlsson. But Flyers fan’s have always had a dislike for this guy.

#5 – The way the NHL and NBC treat the Penguins : Oh NHL…protecting your Penguins and your little Sidney, how cute. When you watch a Pens/Flyers game on NBC anymore you know all your gonna hear is Pierre McGuire talking about how great Crosby is and how spectacular Malkin is. It’s annoying.

Key’s to tonight’s game at Pittsburgh :

  • Quiet the crowd, score early.
  • Don’t take stupid penalties.
  • Coots match up against Malkin (must shut him down).
  • Take advantage of PP opportunities.

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