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“Schedule period”-  We will be moving to a 1 week schedule period from now on.  During this week period, we will allow 72 hours for each GM to complete all games and player transactions.  After the 72 hours has past, we will then advance onto the new period of games.

“If you can not play a game”This is important.  If you can not play a game against another user GM for whatever reason, please allow that user to play vs the CPU or simulate the game themselves.  To do this, you must click on the game that is scheduled as if you were to play it, and then click the “Enable CPU” setting.

“GM Contacts”- You can see the full list of GM’s, which also includes their team, Twitter handle, and Xbox Live Gamertag.


Team Name

  • Individual’s name
  • Twitter Handle
  • GamerTag

**It is YOUR responsibility to get the games taken care of and completed. You can Tweet or message our account with any issues you feel are out of your hands.**

**If opponent is non-responsive, you MUST wait until an hour before the schedule advances before you play the computer, if the opponent enabled it.**

**If a team has no information, that means the team is controlled by the computer.**

***Updated September 30th

Anaheim Ducks                                                            

  • Chris
  • @Cdorin91
  • CxPhlyer81

Boston Bruins

  • Dan
  • @Icehub1
  • Dixon Mianus

Buffalo Sabres

  • CPU
  • @

Calgary Flames

  • Mike
  • @Flames_Tou
  • mikec987

Carolina Hurricanes

  • Kyle
  • @girlsgonkyle
  • LL laner LL

 Chicago Blackhawks

  • @meatball2stt
  • xGirouxx28xFlyer

Colorado Avalanche

  • John
  • @Chiefs12Playa
  • Chiefs12Playa

Columbus Blue Jackets

  • @looch92
  • pdog992

Dallas Stars

  • Cj
  • @cjburns215
  • younggunna444

Detroit Red Wings