The Orange Update is proud to announce that we will be forming a NHL 13 GM Connected League on Xbox360- for us, the contributors, and you, the hockey fanatics. Currently we have 12 owners for the league, which leaves 18 spots up for grab. If you are interested please contact me on twitter @EbbonDerr, or by email to get placed on the list; I will also need your twitter handle (if you have one) and/or an email, as well as your Xbox live gamer tag; which I will send out friend requests on September 11th (the release of the game). Once all 30 owner spots are filled, we will pick names out of a hat to assign a team to that owner.

Once the game releases and everyone in the league is friends with me on Xbox live, I will do a post reviewing the rules/regulations of the league and also what team you have drawn to manage. We will also announce awards within the league throughout the season (i.e. Player of the Month, Goalie of the Month, Hart Memorial Trophy etc.) when the time is appropriate to announce them, as well as talk about it on our weekly radio show.

Our ideal date for the league to start up is Friday September 14th; this will allow us to thoroughly set up the league. This will also allow all participants of the league to buy the game and  familiarize themselves with the new feel of NHL 13. If we reach capacity of 30 owners still feel free to give me your information to be put on reserves in the event someone should be dropped out.

We, at The Orange Update, are really excited to get this kicked off and have some great interaction with fellow hockey fans! Again if you want to be a part of this fun experience please get in contact with me on Twitter @EbbonDerr or email- with the appropriate information and we will get everything set to go!

As always follow @TheOrangeUpdate, @215Cash, @FeelGoodFrank and myself @EbbonDerr on twitter for Flyers updates/conversation.