Flyers Equipment Manager Jim “Turk” Evers: “Lindros Story Was NOT True”


The Eric Lindros story that broke yesterday (we delivered that right here on Buzz), was apparently completely off-base. The story that was picked up by Deadspin, Huffington Post, and many other sites like ours, apparently offended Lindros to the extent that he wanted to make an effort to clear his name. Lindros contacted his friend Nick McIlwain, host of local radio station WMMR, to help him bring to light the inaccuracy of the defamatory comments made by former NHL player and referee Paul Stewart.

Former long-time equipment manager for the Flyers, Jim “Turk” Evers, was brought onto the Preston and Steve Morning show on Friday at around 9:15 AM to defend his long time friend, Eric Lindros. Evers emphatically denied the claims made by Stewart that Lindros distastefully cursed at him on the ice and ripped up posters for charity. Below are a couple of quotes from Jim Evers from his bit on WMMR:

“I’ve been friends with Eric since the day he came to Philadelphia, and he would never do something like this. I’ve only ever seen him [Lindros] go out of his way to sign autographs for people. He’s not that kind of man.”

“I’ve known Stewie (Paul Stewart) for a while, he’s a UPenn grad, and you have to be pretty smart to go there. Maybe he had too many concussions over his career cause he wasn’t a very good hockey player, but I don’t know what would make him say something like that about Eric.”

“To my recollection, this never happened. I’ve known Eric for a very long time and he’s not the kind of guy who would do this”

So there you have it. Whatever side of the story is true, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Eric Lindros was one of the best players and leaders that the Philadelphia Flyers organization will ever see. Superstars like Lindros usually don’t get bothered by stuff like this, so for him to make an effort to clear his name says something. Either way, we still love ya “Big E”.

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